Can Bearded Dragons Eat Carrots?

Quick Answer – Can Bearded Dragons Eat Carrots?

Yes – but only if not already getting a Vitamin A supplement!

Carrots are an excellent source of minerals and can be digested easily by your beardie. We recommend caution with making carrots a staple veggie though. 

Carrots should only be given 1 time a week. The reason is most bearded dragon supplements contain vitamin A and you run the risk of your bearded dragon overdosing on vitamin A. 

IMPORTANT – please do NOT use baby carrots. They’re sealed with a preservation chemical which is dangerous to bearded dragons. 

Pro Tip – dust your carrots with a calcium (non phosphorous or d3) supplement to add extra “juice” to your carrots. I recommended you do this because carrots are naturally low on calcium!

If you’re curious – we’ve developed a complete food list for your bearded dragon. It’s got all the good stuff your little lizard will like!

Long Answer – Can Bearded Dragons Eat Carrots?

So you stopped by the store and picked up some organic carrots (hopefully with the tops still attached) and you’re thinking of giving a couple pieces as a treat, huh?

It’s great you’re offering your bearded dragon some variety with their veggies! And carrots are a perfect way to help them get key vitamins and minerals. Plus they’re skin will get a deeper hue and look much healthier by eating carrots.

You must be careful though! 

Yes – carrots are packed with nutrients to keep them happy and healthy, but if you’re feeding your bearded dragon any multivitamins that include vitamin A you should avoid giving your beardie carrots as a staple veggie.  

Here’s why carrots are good veggie to add into your beardies spring salad mix:

1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A has 3 major roles within your bearded dragon. 

First, it’s crucial for vision health, mainly in helping to convert retinol to retinoic acid (basically keeping the retina in the eye healthy). 

Second, vitamin A helps to support the reproductive systems which includes growth. 

Third, skin health and the color hue your bearded dragon shows comes from their levels of vitamin A. 

Here’s how crucial vitamin A is… If your beardie has too little then it’ll experience infectious diseases, skin problems, and blindness. 

IMPORTANT – you should allow your beardie to get it’s vitamin A primarily plants and not supplements. Long story short but overconsumption of vitamin A or beta carotene from supplements is the primary cause of vitamin A toxicity. 

2. Beta Carotene

This is an antioxidant which is converted into vitamin A through the digestive process. Carrots have an abundance of this antioxidant and it doesn’t get binding inhibition from oxalates. 

You have to be careful with beta carotene because over consumption from supplements can lead to the beta carotene becoming prooxidant which will actually destroy vitamin A over time. 

This can cause premature aging and other related diseases! 

Key point to remember is to check what vitamins are included in your supplements. 

How To Prepare Carrots For Your Bearded Dragon

I highly recommend you do 1 of 2 things when preparing carrots for your beardie:

  1. Dice Your Carrots

I prefer to do this because of saving time. Cut a full carrot into quarter pieces and then dice just ¼ of a full carrot at a time for feeding. 

Don’t forget to sprinkle some calcium supplements on them!

  1. Use A Cheese Grater

This is another tactic if you want. You can use a cheese grater to get thin slices which are easy for the bearded dragon to chew. 

Same as above in terms of portion sizes.

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